About Ha’Am

Ha’Am has been the official student-run Jewish newsmagazine at UCLA since 1972. We are a hybrid, online and print publication that aims to inform both the UCLA student body and the larger Los Angeles community of Jewish happenings and opinions on campus. Our team strives to uphold Jewish values and to instill within our ranks journalistic integrity of the highest order. Together, we engage and grapple with our tradition in the hopes of enriching our diverse experiences.

Ha’Am Staff 2015-2016

Ha’Am Staff 2014-2015

Ha’Am Staff 2023-2024

Editor in Chief- Bella Brannon

Managing Editor- Seth Bobrowsky

Managing Writer- Alex Rubel

Photographer and Social Media- Helia Farnoosh

Writing Staff- Sophia Kangavari, Kylie Heering

Editing Staff- Clara Schwartz, Simona Lewis