Briana Begelfer
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Briana is a fourth-year at UCLA pursuing a degree in Human Biology and Society. Her freshman year at UCLA, Briana became very involved with many of the Jewish organizations on campus including JAM, Chabad, and Hillel. Fascinated by everything she was learning about her Jewish roots, she took time off from school to study in Neve Yerushalayim, a girl’s seminary for Jewish studies in Jerusalem. Now back at school, she is excited to share her passion for Judaism by getting involved in Ha’am, the Jewish voice on campus. Although she is a south campus major, her heart belongs in the north and joining Ha’Am is a great way to channel her creative energies. In her free time, Briana loves painting, playing piano, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Getting some perspective: a dialogue with Lev Hakak

Thanks to the lovely 405 freeway, I was running a bit late to our meeting. I called Professor Hakak to inform him that I was coming as quickly as possible. “Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Take your time!” was his response,…

Campus Mensch: David Joseph from head to heart

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