גלעד שליט חוזר הביתה – Gilad Shalit Comes Home

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  1. Tomer Elias says:

    It is very nice that you give us quotes from Gilad Shalit’s interview that was forced upon him by the Egyptian’s. Not that these lack credibility but it would have been nice if you added the fact that we was not yet a freed man and he was under pressure by his “new” captives.

    It’s a very dangerous game to play around with edited facts that give very misleading messages. I’m not sure what point was being made here (or maybe I’m to sure) but this greatly undermines the credibility of your magazine and makes it seem unprofessional and very lazy.

  2. Tomer—

    You’re totally right. I read the interview at 3am, right as Gilad was being freed. All of the buzz about the interview being coerced or about Hamas militants standing with their hands on Gilad’s shoulders as the interview was conducted had not yet come out. All of those critiques were published the next day.

    As far as I or anyone else in the world knew at the time, these were the horribly perplexing yet authentic views of an Israeli soldier who had just been released from five years of constant psychological assault.

    But I will mention the nature of the interview if it ever comes up again.

    Thank you for your honest input.