A Call to Action: Treating Everyone in Hillel with Respect and Care

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  1. Jacob Belson says:

    This is ridiculous! I’ve been going to the same Starbucks for years, and with a gun to my head I couldn’t name you a single employee. You’re expecting me to introduce myself to the random girl or guy who works the Coffee Bean? The person that I don’t really see in any other context? Why? I don’t know the name of any Powell Library staff, and I don’t know the names of the students who’d constantly serve me at BCafe’s Coffee Bean. I don’t even know the name of my gardener who comes once a week. Why should I know the name of these random student-workers? These are primarily employees of the Coffee Bean who have small staff roles. I don’t see them at Jewish events–they’re not my buddies. They’re Coffee Bean employees, and I’m neither a bad person or at fault for not recognizing them around campus or for not becoming “buddy-buddy” with them as if they were a part of the Hillel/Jewish community.
    Also, Hillel is more than a hangout place, it’s a organization for Jewish students.