“And Drink Their Words With Thirst”: Have We Lost the Art of Being Students?

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  1. Stop trying to be cool. Just say what you want to say.

  2. Moses Lapin says:

    I think the piece is too dense and too broad. I would revise it if I still had a better way of putting it. I think the problem is that the piece and its author are simply not cool enough. That being said:

    TL;DR: We are students. Nothing less will suffice.

    Bullet point summary:
    1. The meaning and results of an “information” driven age.
    1a. A proposed solution to leverage the advantages of the age and overcome it’s plagues.
    2. The necessity for outside input, and more specifically a description of the power of a teacher.
    2a. The definition and argument for a teacher-based educational renaissance.
    2b. A further definition of the term student as opposed to other cultural based models.
    3. A model for identity within a learning culture.
    4. A proposed three steps to becoming a student.
    4a. A suggestion to the man of the opening remark to rethink his university paradigm.

    Further elucidation needed?