Amir Naveh
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Amir Naveh is third-year at UCLA majoring in English. Amir’s passion for writing comes from his love to communicate. On campus, Amir is also involved with a comedy magazine, Hillel, and the Young Storyteller’s Foundation. However, Amir chose to be part of Ha’Am mainly for the glamour and the notoriety — and of course the weekly falafels. But that is a given. When Amir isn’t writing he can likely be found talking and meeting new people, being indecisive, and dancing to EDM. Amir especially enjoys grapes on pizzas, a good laugh over nearly anything, and being at the beach. Always the beach. Ha’Am gives Amir the opportunity to better connect with Jewish and Israeli culture and identity as well as the chance to be Ha’Ambitious.

Comic: Home

Through childhood to adulthood, the topic of Israel — the sole Jewish state — is vibrant, sacred, and ever-present. This graphic comic portrays the connection that many Jewish populations possess with Israel. The comic embodies the scrutiny, battle, and desire…