Bella Brannon


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Bella is the Editor-in-Chief of Ha'Am, and is a Junior studying Public Affairs, Religion, and Digital Humanities. As an author, Bella is interested in Jewish punk rock, religious liberty law, and Jewish thought.

Rocking it from the Casbah to CBGB’s: How Jews Pioneered Punk Rock

Playlist to accompany-  With its blaring power chords, anti-establishment overtones and do-it-yourself fashion, the early punk scene is the last place you’d expect to find angsty Jews. Yet from Sylvian Mizrahi and Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls…

At Home at UCLA

On a humid Westwood night, my roommates, Mai and Chelsea, and I were walking back to our dorm.  Our stomachs ached with laughter and our bellies were full from a night out.  “Which way should we take home?” Mai asked.…