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Ha’Am Newsmagazine for Winter 2019 Print Released
https://issuu.com/jacobelijahgoldberg/docs/final_ha_am_winter_document An incredible thank you is due to our incredible designers Ezra Einhorn and Margalit Zimand for all their hard work and dedication to this beautiful publication.
Please, for the love of God, can we stop talking about Israel and Palestine?

Is there a single issue more polarizing – especially on the UCLA campus –  than the Israel-Palestine conflict? At first glance, it’s a strange wedge issue. Every year, without fail, separate camps dutifully scrounge up last year’s visual aids, take…

Ha’Am Launches UCLA Jewish Community Survey

Ask three Jewish organizations what Jewish life on campus looks like and you’ll likely get three (or more) answers. Ask Jewish students, however, and you might get a more realistic picture of what the Jewish campus experience is actually like.…

Generation “J”: Who are we?

The Ha’Am team is proud to present our Winter 2018 print edition, Generation “J”: Who are we?    

Announcing: Kol Ha’Am

Ha’Am Newsmagazine is proud to announce our latest initiative, Kol Ha’Am, UCLA’s brand new Arts and Literary Magazine. Kol Ha’Am, literally meaning “voice of the people” in Hebrew, is dedicated to showcasing Jewish creators and to exploring the Jewish experience…

Editorial: USAC Election Endorsements

The editorial board of Ha’Am News is proud to endorse the candidacy of Ms. Arielle Yael Mokhtarzadeh and Mr. Aaron Boudaie for the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Student Association Council (USAC). Ms. Mokhtarzadeh, seeking election as the USAC’S president, would bring extensive…

Endorsement: Joey Levin, a Nice Jewish Bruin for Mr. Hillel 2017

Along with SSI, the Bayit, Morning Minyan, and Sigma Alpha Mu, the Ha’Am Editorial Board has unanimously voted to endorse Joey Levin for Mr. Hillel 2017.