Noah Wallace
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Noah is a first-year student with no declared major and consequently no (certain) future. When he’s not studying, Noah spends his time relaxing with his pledge brothers at Alpha Epsilon Pi, arguing with his peers on the Speech and Debate Team, or researching with the UCLA Center for Middle Eastern Studies. When not at school, Noah enjoys spending time with friends and family outdoors, whether that involves surfing at a pristine beach, trekking through a dense forest, or even taking a walk around his neighborhood at home. As a first-year, Noah is excited to be here, but for perhaps no greater reason than to boast his small but strong sweater collection with the advent of the fall.

Judaism: healer of all Wounds?

How does traditional Judaism define mental illness? What remedies does it prescribe to treat it? Is adhering to the halachah and espousing the ways of G-d itself a treatment, in the halachah’s eyes?

From proxy to president: concerns about USAC Presidential Candidate Morris Sarafian

Photo courtesy of Austin Yu / Daily Bruin Senior Staff ____________________________________________________ Ha’Am, as well as many major national media outlets, have discussed ad nauseam the anti-Semitic comments and/or troubling voting record of USAC council members Fabienne Roth, Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, Sofia…

Debate Table: the absurdity of kashrut in the contemporary world

I’ve never eaten the much vaunted In-N-Out hamburger; I’ve never tasted the rumored deliciousness of a sizzling slice of bacon; and I’ve certainly never bit into a savory ribeye steak at an upscale restaurant. As a product of a conservative…

A “not so special relationship,” but a surprising impartiality

As murmurs in Hebrew permeated the room and the predominantly sprightly, older crowd found their seats, it became quickly evident that this event would exude a vibrant energy. Hosted by the UCLA Nazarian Center for Israel Studies and entitled “Not…