Ronnie Cohen
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I Wrote This On Shabbat

Even as a child, lighting candles on Shabbat with my grandmother and mother as a ritual held a meaningful place in my heart. While my family never strictly adhered to every single rule of Shabbat, we observed it through the…

Is it Purim Already? On Judaism and Drinking

Alcohol and religion do have somewhat of a love-hate relationship, not unlike alcohol’s relationship with college. It’s true, alcohol (wine especially) does tend to play a role in a lot of religious practices and rituals. For the most part however,…

Akiva Nemetsky: Jewish Student Producer

Click here to see Ha’Am’s Fall 2017 Print Edition: “Growing Pains” The incredible diversity of talent in the Jewish community at UCLA is something that’s always made me very proud to be a Bruin. That is just one of the…

The Forgotten Jewishness of Superman

Tracking the Jewish origins of the Man of Steel and Zack Snyder’s Christian influenced adaptations following the release of the New Justice League film.