Sarit Kashanian
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Sarit is a third-year transfer student and English major, and is proud to be a new addition to the Ha’Am family. She is also co-marketing director for the UCLA chapter of SWC-Active Minds. When not stigma fighting, Sarit can usually be found looking into the distance and pondering life. She loves hiking, gardening, and all things nature. Sarit is a former member of The Corsair newspaper staff at Santa Monica College and loved the experience of writing for various sections — from News, to Opinion, to Arts and Entertainment. She is excited to now focus her writing on her love of Judaism and Israel. Most of all, she hopes to return soon to the Holy Land to replace the cheap jewelry she got from the Shuk this past summer.

Israeli-Druze Delegation Panel results in uproar, tears

This past Monday, October 26, UCLA welcomed seven Druze Israelis to speak at the law school as part of their two-week long tour in the United States. The event was hosted by several Jewish and Jewish-affiliated organizations, including Bruins for…