Shaina Kashanirokh
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PewDiePie’s Anti-Semitic Joke: Death to All Jews

Two South Asian in loincloths dance, a poster declaring “Death to all Jews” in their hands: In his attempt to “entertain,” Pewdiepie went too far.

Muslim Student Association: “Understanding the Current Political Climate”

On the evening of Feb. 1st, UCLA students, a majority of them Muslim, flocked into Ackerman’s Bruin Viewpoint room to attend “Understanding the Current Political Climate,” an event hosted by the Muslim Student Association. This event was intended to help…

Opening eyes: anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism. Yes, folks, today I will be broaching the subject that you have likely pondered, discussed, and debated so much that it seems like reading this article will finally do your brain in like a mallet to a cantaloupe. “Why,…

The Walls: A political cartoon

Politician Awareness Week(PAW): A Great UCLA Tradition This political cartoon was written by Daniel Peikes and illustrated by Shaina Kashanirokh.

Son of Saul

Saul, a gaunt-faced and hollow-eyed man, stares out at you from the screen, seeming utterly removed, detached, dead—just like the lifeless bodies he drags from the gas chambers to the crematoria. László Nemes‘ Son of Saul or Saul Fia, in Hungarian, presents a glimpse into…