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Zev Hurwitz
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Zev Hurwitz is a graduate student in Public Policy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

Hear Me Out: Thoughts about Thoughts about Israel and Palestine this Week

photo by Scott Clarkson A cursory glance at your Facebook over the past week might have yielded a stream of posts about the unprovoked Israeli murder of five dozen unarmed peaceful protestors in the Occupied Gaza Strip. Or perhaps you…

Activists Must Avoid Flippant Responses to Protesters

After a major Jewish community leader sticks his middle finger up at protesters, we need to rethink how we engage with those with whom we disagree. An old adage suggests that if you don’t have something nice to say, you…

One Issue ≠ Endorsement

The Jewish Community must do a better job of picking and choosing our battles. An old adage suggests that “two Jews, [have] three opinions.” This appears to suggest reference to the indecisiveness and appreciate for debate which Jews are renown.…

Jewish Student Advocates Must Own Issues of “The Other”

Jewish students at University of California campuses have always been good at organizing for issues pertaining to the collegiate Jewish experience. For instance, in 2014, UC administrators announced that the system would be shortening the 2014-15 academic year’s winter break…

Student workers’ divestment demands may be bad news, despite no mention of Israel

UAW 2865, which represents UC campus TAs, included a “financial practices” demand in a new list of goals ahead of contract bargaining with system administrators in June.

The “Two-Party Solution” Israel Needs

A growing feud between Trump and the PA threatens Israel’s bipartisan support in the United States, which can spell trouble for campus activists.

“So What?” Making Meaningful Inroads in Inter-communal Dialogue

Click here to see Ha’Am’s Fall 2017 Print Edition: “Growing Pains” Living in Los Angeles gives us no shortage of access to interesting speakers, lectures, panels and workshops on a variety of topics we care about. In the Jewish community, we often…

Proposed Tax Law Will Hurt Grad Students

Master’s and Ph.D. Candidates will be asked to pay taxes on funds they never actually receive.

Student Worker Union Polls Members on Whether to Ask UC to Divest from “Oppression of Palestinians”

A recent survey sent out by the University of California student workers union has reintroduced the possibility of a student organizing group demanding the university divest its financial holdings from companies supporting Israel. An Oct. 19 survey sent to members…

Photo by kellybdc  I’m not going to waste too much space in this column speaking to the importance of free speech, diversity of opinions and the benefits of engaging in lively academic conversation with those who disagree with us. Blah…