National Monuments and Israel’s Eternal Capital: A Cognitive Dissonance in our Community

On Monday, President Donald Trump dispossessed two National Monuments in Utah of more than two million acres of land, representing the largest evisceration of protected territory in American history. On Wednesday, to the deep displeasure of Palestinian political representatives, Arab…

Proposed Tax Law Will Hurt Grad Students

Master’s and Ph.D. Candidates will be asked to pay taxes on funds they never actually receive.

In the Spirit of Giving

Today is Thanksgiving, a day of food, family, some reflection about what we’re thankful for and possibly of some arguing while carving the turkey. All these things are important and should be valued. But, on this joyous day of “thanks,”…

URJ Camp Newman Devastated by Northern California Wildfires

As the camp assesses damages, fundraising and community efforts prove to be essential as Jewish identity is kept close to the hearts of those affected by the devastation.

Community Will Help Us Overcome Anti-Semitism

An anti-Semitic cartoon published in The Daily Californian reminds us that problems of the past remain.

30 Years After: A Reflection

Photo courtesy of Shanel Melamed  Within the Jewish Bruin community, civic engagement is a matter that is not taken lightly. At Hillel at UCLA, for example, students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a number of programs such…

History of Hypocrisy in UN Attitudes Toward Zionism

From Ha’Am’s Winter Print Edition, “The Divide” There were 33 countries in favor of United Nations Resolution 181(II), which called for the partition of Palestine into independent Arab and Jewish states. At the time of the resolution, 56 countries were…

Business, the Natural Environment and Jewish Values: Competing Interests or Symbiosis?

From Ha’Am’s Winter Edition, “The Divide”  Conventional public sentiment presumes that pursuit of profit and protection of the environment are mutually exclusive interests. Where does the Halacha — Jewish religious law — fall on these issues? Many businesses have long…

PewDiePie’s Anti-Semitic Joke: Death to All Jews

Two South Asian in loincloths dance, a poster declaring “Death to all Jews” in their hands: In his attempt to “entertain,” Pewdiepie went too far.

War of the words: How word choice is shaping political debate

Let’s face it. “Good grammar” is about as cool as pocket protectors. Nowadays, it seems as though the majority of written communication is done through text messaging, Facebook posts or emails that sound like text messages. Strangely enough, while proper…