Israel’s Latest Nobel Prize Intimates Need for Practical Politics

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  1. Moses Lapin says:

    “In the past decade, five Israeli scientists won the Nobel Prize. This is an incomprehensible achievement that can certainly be characterized as “Israel’s finest hour.” The global media are writing about us with enthusiasm and even the British Guardian, which is not an Israel fan usually, covered the granting of the prize to Professor Dan Shechtman in a special blog updated every few minutes.

    “This is also an opportunity to openly say the following: Brain power is the secret of the State of Israel’s existence. If we fail to be at the top of global science, we won’t be a state that is permised on strong pillars. Many years ago, David Ben-Gurion was asked about the solution to us being few against many and replied: The people’s army. However, Ben-Gurion was wrong. The right answer is ‘the people’s science.’ ”,7340,L-4132008,00.html

    Response from the “Palestinian” lovers? Is this a Jewish conspiracy or is there something innate? Does the Nobel mean anything?

  2. I guess the obvious Palestinian response would be that there is bound to be a difference in Nobel Prize statistics between a country that receives billions of dollars every year and unconditional support from the US and the territory that such a country occupies.

    So the point should be made clear that the Nobel Prize is not the litmus test for the viability or success of a state; but that does not mean that other tangible, practical achievements are not. I’m sure that there are many who are waiting for the Palestinians to produce some achievements – judged within the context of occupation, of course – before the world grants comparable support to the Palestinian State.

    And if such achievements have indeed been made, perhaps those should be the selling points for statehood rather than empty promises and threatening declarations. Perhaps Palestine will have to celebrate herself a little more before the rest of the world can join the party.

  3. Every ridiculous anti-Zionist argument is based on the same (faulty) premise that Israel is only as smart/prosperous/accepting/powerful because of the United States. Of course, they could do a itzy bit more research and see that Israel had virtually no US support for decades, but alas.

  4. I dunno, SJP says that Israel gets $8.2 million per day…Do you have any sources?

  5. Alan Naroditsky says:

    Israel has only been independent for a few decades – less than a blink of an eye from a historical perspective. No amount of international aid could have built up the infrastructure to produce the constant flow of brilliant minds and groundbreaking research that emerges from Israel. This infrastructure has been innate in the Jewish people; its development took place over the last few thousand years, not the last sixty. The United States is helping Israel monetarily and militarily, but it does not impart the work ethic, ingenuity, respect for learning, and resilience that have been the hallmarks of the Jewish people for many, many years.

    Just a thought!

  6. SJP also says that Israel harvests Palestinian organs, so.

  7. Moses Lapin says:

    Non-military (i.e. economic) aid over the last 10 years –
    Israel: 6,462,000,000
    Egypt (example of non-Israeli “middle eastern” state with available data): 4,996,000,000

    Country/GDP per Capita/National GDP ($US B)
    Israel $28,400 $205.2
    Lebanon $13,100 $46.03
    Iran $12,900 $876
    Egypt $6,000 $470.4
    Jordan $5,300 $33.06
    Syria $4,600 $102.5
    Iraq $3,600 $96.6
    West Bank $2,900 $N/A
    Gaza Strip $2,494 $N/A