Looking for Christmas in the Holy Land

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  1. rachelshaw5 says:

    Thanks Jacob.
    It frustrates me that Yuval Ben-Ami doesn’t feel obliged to justify his extension to ‘the entire state of Israel’. The topic is too sensitive to be phrased so flippantly.

  2. That ticked me off, too. I think it’s quite an exaggeration, but also something worth thinking about, given the sum of everything that’s going on in Israel these days. Check this out:

  3. Norma says:

    I think that this is an article that shows people here of a forgotten struggle that affects us all. By living in California, we live somewhere in which religious freedom is supposedly protected, and to a large extent it is… but this article serves as a reminder that freedom and expression of religion is still a struggle. we all want freedom of religion but we forget that it comes at a cost. Unfortunately we often think we must stifle another religion in order for our own to survive… hopefully one day we will live in a world where this is not true.

  4. Tomer Elias says:

    I think this is a good article and it says a lot about the situation but it would be better if you could explain more about the fact that the Mayor of Nazareth does not represent the norm in Israel. It is outrageous that he feels like he can do such a thing and prevent a minority group from expressing their own religion. You could only find a response from Meretz on a different matter? Nothing from a more mainstream Israeli organization?

    Another interesting thing that you mention is this, “They hope for a day when the Palestinian Authority will return to power to “take revenge” and put an end to the religious persecution.”
    I am really interested in were you came up with this, a little research, and if you can try and read Khaled Abu Toameh on this, you would find that the PA is almost as bad as Hamas the only difference is that they don’t execute religious minorities that openly practice their faith. The PA has restrictions on buying land and since Oslo in 1993 Bethlehem which was a majority Christian city is now less then 15%. It is important for people to fully understand the plight of Christians not only in Gaza but all over the Middle East.

    Check this out

  5. ricardo montoban says:

    this article is propaganda. christmas is celebrated in gaza every year. it is israel that restricts palestinians from worshipping the holy sites of their homeland with its imposition of racist policies