New man on campus: Rabbi Avner Engel, JAM’s latest addition

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  1. Steve Masarsky says:

    My son Joseph went to Israel to be part of the experience of Aish Hatorah in 2011. Not only did it enriched his belief in his faith, he became friends with many including Avner. He told me and my wife about his friendship with a caring young man who was going to be a Rabbi and was to marry a beautiful Israeli girl. . I had not met Avner till last shabbos of Nov 3rd.2012 My wife had passed on the 29 of Oct and I wanted Avner to do the honors of the service. I needed to meet my Rabbi and him me. I spent shabbos at JAM at UCLA.
    Despite being old enough to be everyone’s father, I was treated fabulously! Seeing Avner for the first time is a cultural shock: expecting to see a older 30ish guy with a 3 or 4 year beard. What I saw was a very clean shaven, what looked to be a 17 year old! How could this be a Rabbi? Sitting during the meals and in time I saw a very concerned young man who is very concerned about the world around him as will as my sorrow. he is very concerned for the young who questioned their faith and his non traditional look make it more easy for his generation to connect with him. He will grow into his role as a Rabbi as the years grab him. He has as much to learn as the ones he is teaching. I hope he becomes a great Rabbi.
    His presence over my wife’s services was done well and with extreme emotion, He cares and you can see it in his young eyes. His age is on his side for him to develop into such a Rabbi one would not forget.