Politically correct America: a nation in fear

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  1. Boris A. Ovrutsky says:

    Thanks, I’m impressed. Very passioned and with good analytical cense.
    Despite the main reason of Alan’s article, I propose making advertisements the way it will not irritate those who disagree.  For example as:
    “American Muslims do not follow jihad and sharia law for islam interpretation.”

  2. Victor says:

    Thanks, very interesting.
    Be honest, I thought political correctness was born in Paris, France, in 70-ies. At least this is what the New York Times claimed years ago when I was its subscriber.
    On the other hand, the French are not far from communism. 🙂
    Any way, I am pessimistic about any improvements in near future. Political correctness is so deeply imbedded in this generation of Americans, and the youth is being indoctrinated in schools, that only something big can change it, like a human catastrophe or war.

  3. Lina Rabinov says:

    Thanks, Alan. Very good. What happened with San Francisco ads?