Submission: Vote “Yes” to move Westwood Forward on Tuesday, May 22

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  1. Lisa Chapman says:

    Of course this is an untrue, completely biased OPINION piece from a disgruntled student who lost a seat on this board to another UCLA student. I don’t think I can even comment on all the untruths listed here, and your paper should have done it’s homework on what is fact vs. fiction. Let’s start with Rocco’s, I know the students just love to misrepresent this case. The WWNC council approved Rocco’s from the very beginning. We are an advisory board. It wasn’t until Rocco’s asked to add a huge retractable garage door to the side of their building did anyone complain. The apartment buildings directly across the street complained and filed a law suit as with this open garage door, that could have been open well into the wee morning hours, was considered to be a major noise complaint. It was NOT approved by both the Westwood design Review board and the Area planning commission. THEY are the ones who made that decision due to excess noise. Rocco’s owner is now whining because he tried to go ahead and do this anyway, ILLEGALLY, and was shut down by the city and planning department. If he lost $100 k then that is solely on HIM. Secondly, our council has approved 100% of all beds and student housing that UCLA has asked for. We felt they should move some of these beds to various approved sites on campus instead of putting it all on a huge high rise, right at the corner of the emergency route to our level one trauma center. All the rest of this is made up stuff. We had a very fruitful student engagement committee where everything that the students had asked for had been granted. They have chosen to gerrymander and tear apart this community based on not having enough power, instead of running for open board seats on the already existing council. The students have been disrespectful and obstructive at every public meeting. It is shameful at best to watch them in action.