An Armed-Peace: Reaction to the Daily Bruin Cartoon

I personally found it unimaginative, pedantic and, in all honesty, lame. But those attributes in and of themselves do not make the cartoon anti-Semitic, and I think those who denounced it as such were doing so based on a strained interpretation.

Compromise or get compromised — targeting Jewish leaders on campus

Do political motives — no matter the fire that drives them — vindicate attempts to violate the right to privacy?

Why Are Student Leaders and Jewish Bruins Under Attack at UCLA?

There will always be that one person who does not like you. There will always be that one person who thinks you can do no right. And while you acknowledge your own faults, that one person sees them as far…

Free Speech, Made Equal: a lesson for Daily Bruin opinion writer

In the October 21st Opinion section of the Daily Bruin, In the Know: Irvine 11 Appeal,  writer Brittany Chu attempts to contest the charges of the infringement of free speech, for which the Irvine 11 were convicted. Despite her best…

Re: Speakers, Speeches Deserve Respect

After reading Rohan Viswanathan’s Opinion piece in the Daily Bruin on September 26, I was taken aback by his departure from the sentiments that I thought, based on claims of Islamophobia lobbed by Al-Jazeera and other publications I had been…