Tenure Shields Professor From the Consequences of Hate Speech

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  1. Tomer Elias says:

    ” In 2007 Pino was a contributor to the weblog Global War, a self-described “jihadist news service” that provided “battle dispatches, training manuals, and jihad videos to our [Muslim] brothers worldwide.” The now-defunct website regularly called for the mass murder of Jews and American soldiers; it supplied readers with explicit bomb-making instructions; and it declared support for the Taliban and al Qaeda.”

    Isn’t this illegal in the United States of America? Even if you are a professor?

    I don’t believe the presidents response is enough especially considering what you say about Pino’s background. Yet I also don’t believe his statements should be censored, on the contrary they should be exposed to the public and especially to his students so they understand who they are dealing with.
    The greatest thing about freedom of speech is that it lets people like Pino expose themselves to everyone and this way we know and understand what his world view is and can react accordingly. Our job is to let people know what he says and put them in the right context so people can understand who they are dealing with. Even if people believe in his statements about Israel “thriving on the blood of Palestinian children” would they still follow him if they knew he is calling for genocide against Jews and death of American soldiers? Would his words be as believable if people had that knowledge in their minds every time his name comes up?

  2. I think you’re right about not censoring him and leaving him to delegitimize himself. It’s good to know that Israel’s most radical critics are just that — radicals.

    And you should know that Pino has had his residence raided by the US Secret Service because of his connection to terrorist entities and threatening statements he’s made against President Bush. Check this out:


  3. Nick says:

    Jacob – Just because they shouldn’t censor him, doesn’t mean they should employ him… If he is unbalanced enough to delegitimize himself, why wouldn’t that obviate the need to remove him from a position of relative authority?

    This guy is obviously a clown, and clowns don’t deserve 6 figure salaries and tenure anywhere but the clown college. Apparently KSU is well known for it’s #1 balloon-animal research department.