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The Jewish Casualties of Adler’s Assassination Comments

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  1. Nikki says:

    You are right …but in fact what adler proposted.. is in fact how israeli goverment looks at us… what ADLER says is exactly how the “zoinist” jews feel ( radicals)I believe they need to be on the terror watch list..) not to mention israel itself…and zoinist jews NEW very well its citizens would be scapegoated. also anyone else who would support it. THis article doesnt include *adler say according to israeli law a JEW can assasinate a none jew’ but because the jews get special treatment ( and adler is one) he has gotten off pretty much) face is… GOOD jews of real Judiasm opposes Zionism.. ZOINISM is just a cover for jewish supremicy. iI has justfied killing pelastinains and its own people…….what is says according to the zoinist…is ever nation is supposed to serve the JEWS….non jews are supposed to serve the jews…. zoinism another world for Aryan race…Adler only apoligized becuase he pulled the veil over the way israel truly feels towards EVERYONE.. I never undersood why anyone supports this…WHAT did the israelis ever do??…never helped anyone and want everyone to support it.. not to mention israel has never followed the UN rules, the jewish state has been in question so many times if its even legitamite…we know israel has spied on its allied countries…its frustrated me how it seems like every article that has been written on this seems so DOWNPLAY it the US IRAN isnt a threat ISRAEL IS!!!….

  2. Nikki says:

    the way we see Obama in the outside countries is : the israel lobby put Obama in the seat and he is a “patsy” wether he KNOWS it or not..( thats another question) Im not sure..(if but Mr obama you need to protect yourself dearly from isreal…zoinist jews in congress..(backsatabbers).do not let any of them get close…..this is at the cost of the good jews everywhere who see thru this sickning zoinist thing…

  3. Nikki says:

    NO country is obligated to serve isreal is is only becuase they are small and cannot support itself…. but NO country to bound to help israel…