Walkout at Wayne State: Any Better Than the Irvine 11?

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  1. Danny says:

    The Arab groups on campus (be it at UCLA or any other university) have absolutely no respect or class.

    The Walkout on Wayne State is yet another example of such.

    Rather than actually here what a speaker has to say, they sit with their closed minds and are straight up disrespectful.

    They clearly have no place for anyone’s respect.

  2. Noor says:

    It seems to me that you’re trying really hard to but some kind of blame on these students. I commend these students AND the Irvine 11 for their courage in making a stand towards a Pro-Palestinian cause.

    @Danny, that is a very insulting and rude statement. The students were making a statement by walking out. Just because you don’t agree with this particular style of protesting doesn’t give you the right to insult these students, or ARAB students at universities in general.

  3. Noor – your point is well-taken. I knew I was pushing it with the claim that their shuffling was noisy. However, imagine if the audio was included, and the students actually were more disruptive than they appear/sound in the video. That’s exactly the complaint you’d hear from many pro-Israel critics. If the point of these new tactics was to avoid such criticism, they missed a great opportunity by hiding the audio.

    I really do have civil protesters’ backs. If everyone in the region employed such tactics, you’d have a fully recognized state far more quickly than it seems to be taking right now. So my criticism is only to point out the perceptiveness of pro-Israel audiences and to recommend wiser tactics for the future. The students at Wayne State are on the right track. (The Irvine 11 were not, and I’d be interested in hearing what you think they actually accomplished at some point.)

  4. Nor says:

    What I’m saying, to the pro-Israel audience, is that it doesn’t really matter. Who cares if they made a little bit of sound getting up and shuffling. If a large group of people are leaving a theater because the show is going past its allotted time, does one raise an argument?

    With regards to the Irvine 1, what gives us the authority to decide whether or not they were on the ‘right track’? I applaud the Irvine 11 for having the courage to stand up to Oren, and get their point across. And even if the audience didn’t get the point, the whole controversy and the trial has raised a lot of awareness on the Israeli occupation of Palestine. I think it worked out beautifully.

  5. Gabriel Levine says:

    I think this type of protest is fine. Just like at the UN where they didn’t agree with the speaker so they walked out. The protest didn’t try and drown out the speaker, but at the same time the protest made its point. Whether you agree with the opinion of the protesters or not, this method of protest is more respectful and in my mind productive than the events at Irvine