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Yiddishkayt’s Helix Project: a modern adventure into the forgotten Yiddish past

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  1. European Jew says:

    Re: Hannah Efron
    (“I think it’s important on a larger scale to study Yiddish because if we don’t…if we allow Yiddish to cease to exist, then the sad reality will become that the Nazis won, that they accomplished their goal of the destruction of Jewish culture.”)

    The Nazis’ goal was not “the destruction of Jewish culture.” It was the destruction of Jews. They looted and collected Jewish valuables to form a museum of an “extinct race” as a preservation of Jewish culture. They also murdered many assimilated Jews and non-Jews of Jewish descent who had nothing to do with Jewish culture. How is this related to Yiddish?

  2. I’m really glad you chose to include the discussion about the distinction and overlap between cultural and religious Judaism. Rabbi Rupp’s comments are priceless.

  3. Lukasz says:

    Great idea to study the Yiddish culture in Central Europe. I’m Polish and I think Yiddish culture is also part of Polish heritage, many Poles sadly forget about. Full support! I would like to learn more myself!

  4. Great project. It is unbearable to think that such an heritage could disappear after so much pain. Nazism must not be perpetrated by our indifference. I don’t know enough ,about this heritage, only the pain of those who were lost so I would like so much to learn about it. And this share of multicural stories allows us to belong more to this world, to understand more ourselves, our own heritage and to be more human..