Ha’Am Launches UCLA Jewish Community Survey

Ask three Jewish organizations what Jewish life on campus looks like and you’ll likely get three (or more) answers. Ask Jewish students, however, and you might get a more realistic picture of what the Jewish campus experience is actually like.…

Prepare for Purim: A UCLA schedule of events

In 2017 The Forward named UCLA “America’s third best college for Jews” and the best on the West Coast. UCLA’s numerous Jewish organizations, the availability of kosher food and the school’s Jewish studies program all factored into the decision. As Purim approaches, the…

Rahm Emanuel Speech Interrupted by Protesters

During a speech on campus this week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel outlined his vision for urban renewal and argued that Chicago ought to serve as a model for the rest of the nation, continuing to speak despite repeated and loud…

Student workers’ divestment demands may be bad news, despite no mention of Israel

UAW 2865, which represents UC campus TAs, included a “financial practices” demand in a new list of goals ahead of contract bargaining with system administrators in June.

Pro-Palestinian Activists Protest on Campus

Approximately twenty activists involved with Students for Justice in Palestine marched through the UCLA campus on Wednesday afternoon in protest of the state of Israel, its alleged human rights violations and President Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policies. Donning megaphones, flags…

State of Liberal Judaism on Campus: Some Thoughts

Click here to see Ha’Am’s Fall 2017 Print Edition: “Growing Pains” Synagogues around the country recognize that evening services on Yom Kippur are a good opportunity to fundraise, and Hillel at UCLA is no different. This year marked my second time at…

Mezuzah Rededicated after Vandalism

Chabad and USAC president team up to replace torn-down mezuzah.

A Call to Action: Treating Everyone in Hillel with Respect and Care

“Even though they like to claim like they do care, no one feels like they care, because at the end of the day, we are not Jewish.”

Fall Quarter Jewish Trips at UCLA: The Comprehensive List

Both Chabad and Hillel at UCLA run Birthright trips each winter and summer that are open to anyone who is Jewish between the ages of 18 and 26. Over 750 Bruins have already gone to Israel on Hillel at UCLA Birthright trips.